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Potions are drinkable herb infusions that you can make for yourself or serve to someone else. Uncrossing Potion is an authentic herbal potion that is used for spiritual cleansing and the removal of negativity of any kind. 


How to use Uncrossing Potion:

  • Pour 8-12 ounces of boiling water over one sachet and steep for 3-4 minutes

  • Add sweetener, if desired

  • Serve hot or cold

  • Alternatively, you may add one sachet into to a bottle of wine or spirits and leave it to steep overnight to infuse it with uncrossing magic

  • Drink it yourself to clear away spiritual messes

  • Serve it to someone else, with or without their knowledge, to do a cleanse inside and out

  • Uncrossing potion can also be used as a sprinkle or spray to clear a home or other space

  • Simply add the unsweetened potion to a spray bottle and spray in the air around you (avoid light color cloth that may stain)

  • The sachet can also be added to bathwater to make a powerful Uncrossing bath.

  • Dry loose leaf herbs may also be sprinkled around Uncrossing candle spells.


It is a sweet, mild-bodied tea with the cleansing taste of lemon, the empowering and protective effects of ginger and peppermint, along with a delicious hint of licorice. It is the perfect tea to drink during the winter season, and it’s also great for iced tea. Caffeine-Free.


  • Organic lemongrass – removes stubborn negativity

  • Organic ginger root – empowers spellwork

  • Organic lemon peel – purification

  • Organic peppermint leaf – protection

  • Organic licorice root – control over others


What is included: 

  • 15 Potion Sachets

  • Reusable air-tight metal tin

Uncrossing Potion

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