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The August Leo New Moon Pyramid of Success Candle Spell is perfect for building a strong and long lasting success. This spell can be used for being victorious in competitive situations, for doing increasingly better and better in your life, or for inviting new opportunities for success. This spell will be completely customized for you and ritually cast by Eirmid on August 4 on the New Moon. 


  • A ritual service by Eirmid includes:
  • A 30 minute Zoom Tarot reading
  • A ritual and complex candle ceremony to manifest your intention
  • A photo of your candles when they are lit along with proof the ceremony is being performed for you
  • Photos of your candles when they have completed burning and an email report giving you Eirmid's interpretation of the way the candles burned and anything you can do to further the work at home.
  • You will be shipped the remainder of all spiritual oils used in your spell with suggestions for ongoing use.
  • You will also be shipped your choice of a Success Mojo Bag or a Success Spell Bottle with complete instructions for use. 


Eirmid will contact you via email to discuss the details of your goal and the outcome you desire to see. PLEASE: Be prepared to monitor your email daily during this work. Once she has an understanding of your intention she will give you a starting date for your ritual and ceremony. The whole process can take up to 7 days including the burn time for your candle ceremony. You will receive your final report within 7 days of the completion of your service by email.

Deluxe Month of Magic - August

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