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Subscribe and save BIG! When you purchase this monthly subscription you will receive this vigil candle burned for you the week of the New Moon and an emailed reading of the month to come. This subscription saves you half off the regular priced vigil candle service and provides a completely free email reading. You may cancel at any time.

You will also receive monthly discounts on products and be the first to see limited items custom made by Eirmid including spell jars, baths and oils.


Eirmid can perform this service for any positive intention. Eirmid does not perform rituals for cursing, binding, banishing, break ups or coercive work (e.g. making someone fall in love with your, etc.) Please choose the service that most aligns with your intention.


Please note that Eirmid performs rituals for the BEST OUTCOME for you in the situation you are facing. The best outcome is not always the outcome you are picturing and requires a level of trust in the Divine. If you are unable to open yourself this way then Eirmid is probably not the spiritual worker for you.


This service by Eirmid includes:

A vigil candle set for your intention on Eirmid's altar. These candles can take up to 10 days to finish.

A photo of your candle when it is lit along with proof the ceremony is being performed for you

Photos of your candle when it has completed burning.


In addition to your spell candle you will receive an emailed reading from Eirmid with an overview and guidance for the month to come. Readings are sent out the last week of the month for the new month.


A few days before the New Moon, Eirmid will contact you via email to discuss the details of your goal and the outcome you desire to see.

A Month of Magic

Price Options
A Month of Magic
$50.00every month until canceled
  • By purchasing a ritual service you are entering into an agreement with Eirmid and Sisters of Hope Ministry and you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the following:

    No refunds are given on ritual work that has been contracted unless we fail to deliver services as described above in a timely manner according to the time-frame given at the time of the appointment. 

    ​By purchasing this service, you are indicating that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a spiritual worker to perform a ritual on your behalf as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues.

    You are also acknowledging that you have an understanding of the nature of spiritual folk magic and that although Sisters of Hope Ministry does guarantee that the work will be performed as contracted for, that your results may vary from the results described in written testimonials posted on Sisters of Hope Ministry website or any related review site.

    ​While Eirmid and her team are highly skilled spiritual workers, due to the free will of the client and actions that they may take to block or disturb the work being done, we can make no guarantees that the work will result in a successful outcome. You also acknowledge that this work is not a substitute for professional legal or healthcare advice.

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