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The Witch's Broom

A witch's broom, also known as a besom, is a tool used in many pagan rituals and traditions, including witchcraft. It is not used for physical flight as depicted in popular culture, but rather for spiritual and symbolic purposes. Here are some of its uses:

1. Cleansing and Purification: The broom is often used to cleanse and purify spaces before a ritual or spell is performed. This is not a physical cleaning, but a metaphysical one where the broom sweeps away negative energy. However, I have used mine to sweep salt back into a line in front of my door or in front of the door I have for the fae if it gets scattered.

2. Casting a Circle: I do not cast circles, however, in some traditions, a witch's broom is used to cast a circle, a sacred space where rituals are performed. The broom is used to delineate the boundaries of the circle.

3. Symbol of Protection: Brooms are also hung in homes as a symbol of protection. It is believed to ward off negative spirits or energies. I hang a cinnamon broom over my front doorway horizontally.

4. Handfasting Rituals: In some pagan wedding ceremonies, known as handfastings, the couple may jump over a broom to symbolize fertility, domestic harmony, and the establishment of their household.

5. Connection with Nature: The broom is often made from natural materials, such as ash for the handle and birch twigs for the bristles, connecting the witch to nature and the elements.

You don't have to wait until you are holding a circle or performing spellcraft - you can purify after a squabble with a loved one, or to rid yourself of a bout of the blues, or any upset you need to sweep right out of your home. Many a kitchen witch begins the day with this simple ritual of a clean sweep to freshen surroundings and to make room for good energy in your life.

Tip: Never bring an old broom to a new house if you move. Leave it behind and get a new one for your new home so as not to bring any old, negative energy with you.

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