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The Spiritual Home

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

All individuals share a universal need for shelter, comfort, and a place they can call home. This place serves as a sanctuary for rest, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Spirituality is an internal journey, unique to each individual, and the spiritual path or practice you adopt provides a framework for this journey. An important piece of that framework is the hearth - the spiritual center of the home. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, building and maintaining the hearth within the home is beneficial for spiritual maintenance and growth.

Hearthcraft is a spiritual practice that involves the use of domestic tasks and everyday life as a form of spiritual practice. In some circles this may be called Kitchen Witchery, but it is widely practiced in Catholicism and is even used as a form of meditation. It is centered around the home and hearth, and it often involves activities such as cooking, cleaning, and parenting, which are imbued with magical or spiritual intent. Hearth craft is about finding sacredness in everyday tasks and using them as a way to create a harmonious and spiritually enriched home environment.

Women especially, have been infusing blessings, healing and protection into their everyday activities - generally home and house work - for millennia. In just the last one hundred years or so, these practices have fallen by the wayside to the greatest extent in western culture. I could write a whole post just on the reasons for this, but it doesn't really matter. There has been positive changes made in the last century in many areas of our lives. But, as often happens with great change, the baby was tossed out with the bathwater. And, that baby's name is "Hearth". The spiritual center of the home and sacred space wherein we can truly rest, be renewed and receive blessings for ourselves and our families.

The purpose of this post is to simply remind ourselves of the importance of starting and maintaining our spiritual practices in the home and that these don't have to be rituals or activities separate from our day to day errands and chores. It's all about doing what we do, but with intention - the intention to heal, prosper and to live a magical life.

A great book to have to help you fill your home with magic is "The House Witch" by Erin Murphy-Hiscock. I have also written several blog posts so far on cleansing and protecting the home as well as prosperity magic in the home. Coming soon I will be posting my writings on many other ways to build your practice including on how to set up and maintain various altars such as ancestor altars and altars for each individual in your family.

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