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September 29 is Michaelmas

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

With the heat of the summer lasting so much longer in many places it can feel discouraging to think about the Autumn Equinox coming up on September 22. While I will be writing with suggestions for celebrating the changing of the season into Autumn, I thought that we'd focus on another important date in September to begin with - Michaelmas on September 29.

Regardless of religion, many people have turned to St. Michael the Archangel for assistance and especially for powerful protection in their lives. And most people believe in and pray to angels (and rightly so) in general. So, the coming feast day of St. Michael is the perfect opportunity to thank the angels for all they do for us.

Through the celebration of Michaelmas, the prosperity and wealth of the family is supported for the coming year. On September 29 you can:

  • Light a white candle and place offerings of food and drink on the table or altar in thanksgiving to the angels, especially St. Michael.

  • Food and drink offerings include apples or apple desserts, traditional Thanksgiving foods, wine, corn and wheat.

  • Obtain a St. Michael holy card to display near the offerings and then keep the card displayed in your home for the year to bring protection and blessings into the home.

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