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Native Americans in Port Orchard

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday however you prefer to do that. Having recently moved to Port Orchard, Washington, I felt drawn to learning about the local Native American history of the land I am now living on at this time. So, yesterday my daugther and I went to the Suquamish museum to learn what we could. Of general interest we learned that Seattle is named after Chief Seattle.

Chief Seattle, also known as Sealth, was a prominent leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Born around 1786, he is best known for his leadership during a period of significant upheaval as European-American settlers moved into the region. Seattle is particularly renowned for his oratory skills and his efforts to maintain peace and protect his people's interests. The city of Seattle, Washington, is named in his honor, and he is often remembered for a speech attributed to him that reflects his profound respect for the environment and the interconnectedness of all life.

Of course, the story of the American government and Chief Seattle and his tribes is beyond heartbreaking, but with this new understanding of local history I feel more prepared to honor the Spirits who reside here including the Spirits of this land and the Suquamish Ancestors - the surest way I know to live in peace and prosperity wherever you are.

Today is a wonderful day to tap into the energy of "FREEDOM" and "INDEPENDENCE" in your personal manifestation work. It is also the day before the new moon so spells for freeing yourself from something will have this added energetic boost.

Enjoy your day/weekend!

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