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Money Magic in the Home

Who couldn't use a little more money in the home, especially with the upcoming holidays? While there is no substitute for good money management and budgeting, there are some great magical ways to boost the flow of money into the home (and to keep it from leaving so fast)!

1. Get a "Money Tree": Pachira aquatica, is a popular houseplant that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It is native to Central and South America and is characterized by its braided trunk and large, glossy green leaves. The name "money tree" comes from the belief that it can bring financial fortune to its owner.

In feng shui, the money tree is often placed in homes or offices to attract wealth and abundance. It is believed to create positive energy and promote financial growth. Some people also believe that the number of leaves on the money tree corresponds to the level of prosperity it can bring. This is the first year I have had one in my home and not only is it beautiful, but I feel the opening it has made for more abundance in my life.

2. Prosperity Altar: Create a dedicated space in your home, such as an altar, where you can focus your intentions on attracting abundance. Decorate it with symbols of wealth, such as coins, green candles, and images of prosperity deities or symbols. Spend time regularly at this altar expressing gratitude for: "All the money I have ever had, the money I have now and all the money to come in my future." Leave offerings regularly in gratitude for your current blessings such as housing, food, clothing and extra money or property that has come into your hands.

3. Clean your house: Clutter, dirt and debris all lead to bad energy in a home as does holding on to things past their usefulness in your life. Decluttering and cleaning your home opens you and your home for positive energy to flow which will affect many areas of your life, including abundance. Keeping fresh flowers in your home, cleansing your home of negative energy and using aromatherapy can all keep the vibration high, opening that flow of abundance for you.

4. Thyme is money: When you get your paycheck or other income, write down the amount on a piece of paper. Then sprinkle the paper with thyme saying, "Thank you to the spirit of thyme for protecting my money and keeping it with me." Leave it on your prosperity altar or somewhere safe until you get another paycheck. Add that amount to any money you have leftover from the previous check (even if it's only a quarter) and put that total on a fresh piece of paper and repeat the ritual. You can throw away the paper or burn it and toss the thyme outside. For additional protection you can place a protective crystal such as black tourmaline on top of the paper and thyme, thanking it as well for its protection.

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