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Manifest Bigger and More Frequently!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

You've probably heard that your intention is the most important part of manifestation and spell work. Well, this is absolutely true. But, you may thinking now, "I've DONE ALL THAT! And, I still haven't manifested _____ (fill in the blank). That's probably because there's one more component you aren't utilizing and that is GRATITUDE. If your intention is the lock, then gratitude is the key that unlocks your desire.

Keeping in mind that magic and spell casting are not what you see on television and in the movies, here are steps for using gratitude and intention to manifest bigger and more frequently.

  • Choose whatever form for your spell you would like - a candle, herb magic, a spiritual oil or even just your own mindset. Or you can use them all!

  • Sit with your chosen tool and begin to think of all the things in your life that you are grateful for including and especially the small things in life. Are you grateful you have transportation to work and don't have to walk? Are you grateful that you don't own a home becuase you don't have to fix things when they break? Are you grateful you have health insurance? Many times we are only thinking of the negative of our current situation rather than acknowledging the blessings that are right in front of us. Are you frequently thinking about that special someone that you don't have? Try being grateful for the advantages of the single life - your financial decisions are all your own, you can parent your children however you want without an argument from a partner, you watch whatever you want on TV, you are not dealing with someone else's baggage, etc. If you can't find anything to be grateful for in your current situation then that is probably what is blocking you from manifesting your dreams.

  • Once you shift to a state of gratitude then you state and breathe your intention into your tool. Then light your candle, or carry/cook/plant/ your herbs, anoint yourself or an object with your oil, etc.

  • Speak aloud your intention using short, to the point phrases such as: "Thank you, Universe, for bringing me a new work opportunity to make more money (or to have more responsibility, etc.)", "Thank you, Spirit of Rosemary, for lending your strong protective energy to keep me safe at all times.", "Thank you, Spirit, for attracting the perfect romantic partner to me."

  • If you are feeling desperate I recommend starting with prayer over spell work. You are still going to use gratitude when speaking to your chosen deity, angel or spirit helper, but you can follow that with some good old fashioned pleading. We all feel desperate and/or discouraged at times and that is perfectly normal. But, it's not the best feeling to manifest through spell work and intention setting. Wait until a time when you are feeling more optimistic about life in general and the potential success of your goal.

  • Once you have cast your spell it is very important to forget about it and go on with your life while continuing to work on gratitude. Make sure to say one thing you are grateful each day such as, "This weather is so beautiful today, thank you!" or "I have enough money to get myself a little treat today, thank you, Universe!" Pay attention to the little things in your life that do go right and more things will start to go right more frequently.

  • If you are working with an ongoing spell such as a jar spell or a spirit bundle make sure to once a week thank it for the energy it brings to manifesting your goal.

Try out these tips and then give them time to work in your life. Big changes often take longer than little changes because more lives and situations have to be rearranged for your goal to manifest. Some goals are manifested for a year or more, but would you rather finally meet your true love in a year or never?

BONUS TIP: Don't focus on what you feel is the solution to your problem because you are limiting the possibilities for achieving your goal. For instance, if you want to find a romantic partner, dive a little deeper and see what it is you really want. Are you lonely? Do you want someone to lean on? Do you want to feel more attractive and be complimented or just wanted by another person? You can definitely set an intention to find your perfect partner, but also include what you are trying to achieve by having that person. An expample would be: "Thank you, Spirit, for alleviating my loneliness, making me feel wanted and desirable and recognizing my own strength and independence. And, thank you bringing that perfect person for me into my life." Note that I say "perfect person for me" - this is not a perfect person, it's just the perfect person for you.

Another example is money spells. If you need to pay the rent right away, focus your intention on having the rent paid this month rather than a specific dollar amount. If you need money for daycare for your children, focus on that rather than on the money to pay for it. That way there are more possibilites to attain what you need with or without money.

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22 nov. 2023
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Thank you for the insight. It’s definitely important to be grateful for everything we have in life.

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