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How to Use Spiritual Oils

The Spiritual Oils that we sell from Parlour of Wonders are handcrafted and created from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Plants have strong vibrational qualities and these oils are powerful and extremely effective tools for your spells.

For years I made my own spiritual oils and even sold them online with great success. However, there are only so many hours in the day, and making oils was not something I wanted to prioritize especially when I had such easy access to quality oils that worked for me from Madame Pamita.

Madame Pamita says, "With my experience, I saw that there was a need for Spiritual Oils that were made with true magical botanicals, that smelled good, were witchcrafted with care, and most importantly supported a spell’s true intention. That’s why I began crafting my own oils. I shared my special oils with my witchy friends and when they saw the same great results that I did, they began asking me to make them for available so that they could pass their “secret spell weapon” along to their witchy friends. And with that, I began crafting Madame Pamita's Spiritual Oils, what I believe to be the best spiritual oils on the market today." And, I agree with her wholeheartedly.  

Spiritual Oils can be used in multiple ways, applying them to your body, your environment, your tools (magical or otherwise), added to other liquids and so much more.

Below I’ve listed some ideas on how to use oils to effect the change in your life that you wish to create. Don’t be limited by this list though. Use your own inspiration and creativity when using your oils. However, be aware; although these oils are natural, they are for external use only and should never be taken internally.

Oils can be generally divided into two types: those which are used to bring desired things in (for example, True Love, Grand Success, Good Luck, Powerful Protection, or Money Magnet) and those which are used to clear unwanted things out (for example, Uncrossing, Banishing or Energetic Purification). Sometimes, you need to do both clearing out and bringing in, and if that is the case, I recommend applying the clearing out oil first and then the bringing in oil after.

Anointing With Spiritual Oils

For bringing in something wanted, apply a few drops of oil to your palms and then run your hands over your body in an upward motion, from the soles of your feet up your legs and torso, from your hands to your shoulders, and from the back of your neck up the back of your head to the top of your head.

For banishing something unwanted, apply to your body in a downward motion, from your head down your torso to the tips of your toes and from your shoulders down your arms to the tips of your fingers. 

Alternately, you can anoint by applying a dot of the oil to your chakras or to your heart, hands, genitals or whatever body part is most appropriate for the work that you are doing

Dressing a Candle With Spiritual Oils

For figural or free standing candles, apply 5-10 drops of oil to the palm of your hand. If your spell is to bring something wanted to you, apply to the candle in an upward direction, from the base of the candle up to the wick. If you are doing a spell to release or banish something, then apply the oil in a downward direction, from the wick down to the base. Some people do it the opposite way and draw something in from the top down and banishing something from the bottom up. Both ways work so use what makes sense to you.

For vigil candles or glass-encased candles, make 3, 7, or 9 holes in the top of the candle and place one drop of oil in each hole. This applies to both bringing things in or casting them out.

For an excellent book on candle magic, I recommend The Book of Candle Magic

Bathe With Spiritual Oils

Create a spiritual bath by drizzling 3-15 drops of oil into your bath water and use your bath as a place of meditation and prayer for your intention. You can also make a spiritual “bath” in your shower by adding 5-10 drops of spiritual oil to a basin or bucket of warm water and pouring it over yourself while you take your shower. I like to add a spiritual oil to my body wash.

Inhalant With Spiritual Oils

Use an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with the energy you desire. I add Holy Healing Oil to my diffuser every night and let it diffuse as I fall asleep.

A Sample of the Ways I Have Used Oils:

  • Apply protection oil to my vehicle doors and windows (just a dab) to help prevent accidents or a break in.

  • Apply protection oil to the inside of my children's shoes (just a dab) before they leave for school in the morning.

  • Apply a love oil to the photo of someone you are trying to attract or reconcile with.

  • Print out a statement of a debt you owe and dress a black candle with banishing oil to banish your debt.

  • Wash your front door with water that has a prosperity oil in it to draw abundance to your home.

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