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Holiday Care for the House Spirit

This is the time of year when our homes become the center of our winter celebrations and what better time to make an offering and connect with the Spirit of your Home. Regardless of whether you live in a house, an apartment or even if you live in a room that is not your home, the abode you live in has a Spirit. To do this:


1. Start by cleaning your home or space. This is a sign of respect and a way to create a sacred space.

2. Prepare the Offering. Traditional offerings can include food, drink, or other items that are meaningful to you or that you feel would be appreciated by the spirit. This could be a bowl of fresh fruit, a loaf of bread, a cup of milk, or hot chocolate.

3. Set the Offering. Choose a place in your home where the offering will be placed. This could be a hearth or a special altar you've set up. I use my kitchen window sill.

4. Call upon the Spirit of the House. You might say something like, "Spirit of this house, I honor you and invite you to partake in this offering. May it please you and bring peace and protection to this home."

5. Leave the offering in place for a period of time. This could be overnight, or for a day or two.

6. After the appropriate time has passed, dispose of the offering by composting or in the trash.

Remember, the most important part of any offering is the intention behind it. It's about showing respect and gratitude to the spirits that share your space.

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