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Faery Love Spell

Summer time is the perfect time to cast spells involving the Fae. Creating a Faery love spell involves tapping into the enchantment of nature and the ethereal energy of the Faery realm. Here is a simple yet effective spell you can try. Remember to perform the spell with respect for the Faery folk. They are your neighbors and should be treated the same way you would treat a human neighbor when asking for assistance.


- A pink candle (symbolizing love and romance)

- Rose petals (for love and attraction)

- Lavender (for peace and harmony)

- A small piece of rose quartz (for emotional healing and love)

- A small piece of paper and a pen

- A small dish or bowl


1. Prepare your space:

- Find a quiet, outdoor space where you feel a connection to nature. This is ideal since you are contacting the fae folk. If this is not possible, create a small nature altar inside with flowers, plants, and natural elements.

- Cleanse the space by sprinkling some salt water or burning some rosemary.

2. Set your intention:

- Sit quietly and hold the rose quartz in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize the kind of love you wish to attract. Feel the emotions of joy, happiness, and love filling your heart.

3. Perform the ritual:

- Light the pink candle and place it in front of you. Arrange the rose petals and lavender around the candle in a circle.

- Say: “I call upon the Faery folk, guardians of love and light. Join me now in this sacred space, and bless this spell I cast tonight.”

- On the small piece of paper, write down your love intention or wish clearly.

- Place the rose quartz on top of the paper and sprinkle a few rose petals and lavender over it.

- Hold your hands over the arrangement and say: “Faery folk of beauty and grace, bring love’s sweet embrace. With this spell, love’s light I seek, a bond of hearts, both strong and meek.”

4. Release your wish:

- Fold the paper with the rose quartz inside and place it in the small dish or bowl. Pour a few more rose petals and lavender over it.

- Extinguish the candle, saying: “With gratitude, I thank you, Faery friends, for your help and light. May this love grow strong, pure, and bright.”

5. Complete the spell:

- Scatter some of the rose petals and lavender in the yard, in a garden, or under a tree as an offering to the Faery folk. Do not skip this step as it is the most important for receiving help from the Fae.

- Keep the rose quartz near your bed or in a special place to help manifest your intention.

Afterwards, continue to make offerings to the Fae in the same place once a week such as flowers, crystals, shiny or sparkly objects or tie colorful ribbons to the tree if that is where you are working until you manifest your spell.

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