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Channeled Message

Our message and guidance for today speaks to the state of the world and the death of the way of life that we have been accustomed to. And, while this is a very good thing, change and the death process can pose significant challenges in our day to day life.

The Autumn card shows us how early in the process we are. We are not “almost there” - this is the time when we begin to see the leaves changing colors and the temperature is just beginning to drop. We don’t even need a sweater yet to get through the whole day. So, we have a long way to go in these community, national and worldwide changes.

The New Day card appears to reassure us that this massive change is leading us to something remarkable and beautiful. Death always makes way for new life. This journey will be worth it in the end.

The guidance that Spirit is providing here is to ask yourself, “how can I thrive through this period of time?”. Because there will be those who sink into their fear and anger and fight the inevitable tooth and nail, leaving chaos and destruction in their paths. Or they will let their fears overwhelm them and they will breakdown until they are, figuratively speaking, catatonic. Then there are those who will see opportunities to take advantage of others.

But, you know that all this is happening for a reason and that there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. So, how can you and your loved ones stay safe, calm, centered, balanced and even heal and thrive during this time? It’s up to you. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram or Facebook for articles and channeled messages to help you arrive on the other side of this with joy.

P.S. the answer is not to become afraid and run out and buy a bunch of stuff you think you’ll need.

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