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About Us

    Welcome to our mystical realm, the home of the Three Sisters - Eirmid, Rev. Margaret and Liz. We are the descendants of Mystics, Healers and Spiritual Leaders from our maternal and paternal line. Our mission is to honor and preserve the ancient wisdom of the ancestors, fostering spiritual growth and healing through the practice of ritual and ceremony. We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and empowering space where individuals can explore their spiritual path, connect with the divine energies of the universe, and harness their inner power. We strive to educate and inspire, fostering a deep respect for the natural world and the interconnectedness of all beings. Our ministry is dedicated to serving our community with compassion, integrity, and respect, honoring the sacred in every aspect of life.

    We each practice our spiritual gifts as guided by the wisdom of our ancestors and the urging of Spirit. As individuals we honor and practice both our Jewish and Christian faiths that we grew up with as did our more recent ancestors.  We also honor the traditions of our older ancestors and the spirits of the land. We perform rituals and ceremonies, guided by the cycles of the moon and the seasons. We offer monthly Community Services that are open to anyone regardless of personal beliefs or practices. 



    Eirmid is a Catholic Mystic and Ritualist. A mystic is a person who has direct experience of the Sacred and a connection to God through contemplation and love. As a mystic, Eirmid has powers of receptivity and sympathy that are particularly acute, allowing her to stretch beyond the usual small and protective ego. This manifests as the ability to divine information and channel messages from God and all other Helping Spirits such angels, ancestors and spirit guides.  

    Eirmid has over 30 years of experience in the art of manifestation through ritual, shamanism and folk magic practices as well as herbalism and amulet and talisman creation. Eirmid works within the framework of Catholicism to help others regardless of their spiritual beliefs. All work is done to receive the intervention of Jesus and Mary or a particular Saint for the best outcome possible. 

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